Pax Bag Life Vest

PNR 7261-27

  • Tested 9g forward
  • In accordance with EASA CS 25.853(a) for flammability
  • EASA CS 25 “easy reach” criteria fulfilled
  • Easy to inspect by fl ight crew, and ramp inspection
  • Supports U.S. TSA bomb search procedures
  • 50% and more weight saving compared to traditional hard box

Pax Bag Life Vest is installed under the seat cushion of the pax seat and is attached to the seat structure by four tie raps. The length and the position of the release strap may be adjusted to the front edge of the seat structure. Pulling the release strap in horizontal forward or slightly upward or downward direction, the tear seam will break and the life vest is reachable for the passenger.