CRS – Child Restraint System 

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Children can fly savely too


Of course, children must be secured with a safety belt when travelling in a car: it’s the law. And it’s a bad idea not to comply with this well-meant law. So why is it allowed for babies to be held on the lap of its parent in an aircraft during take-off and landing? This exposes children to totally unnecessary risks: they are left practically unprotected. Tests have demonstrated that the “loop belt” simply does not provide any real protection to speak of. There are a whole string of countries that don’t even allow the loop belt, starting with the U.S. and Germany. Toddlers older than two with a lap belt on in a passenger aircraft are not any better off. Dynamic tests have shown that very often criticall to fatal injuries during flight incidents can be expected. 


For this reason, INNOVINT has implemented more than 30 years' experience in the field of cabin equipment to develop the SkyKids® child seat, which provides small passengers with optimum safety: the same level of safety their parents enjoy.


The SkyKids® child seat is fastened tightly onto just about any typical passenger aircraft seat with the passenger lap belt. It meets every technical aviation requirement as far as material and applicability and has passed the 16g dynamic landing condition test. The same as a regular passenger seat must.


Both crew and parents can use it easily and it offers the small travellers the highest level of comfort.


We are very pleased when everybody takes off securely, but even happier when they’ve landed safe and sound.