Stowage Bag

  • Rapidly installed onto existing seat tracks
  • Statically tested with loads more than 2 tons for maximum payload
  • Two opening/closing flaps at the top for comfortably placing and removing cargo
  • Flexible design allows adjustment of dimensions acc. to customer needs
  • EASA-CS/FAR 25.853 a App. F PT. (a) (1) (i)
  • EASA guidelines transport of cargo in passenger compartment - exemptions under article 71(1) of regulation 2018/1139 (the basic regulation), Iss. 4
  • EASA special condition: transportation of cargo in passenger compartments, Iss. 1

The Stowage InnoBags support airlines to convert passenger maindecks into cargo compartments, allowing to transport real cargo. The bags are made from a combination of robust canvas material, aluminum honeycomb structure and an additional fire blocker layer. With the provided large compartment dimensions each bag can be used to stow also bulky goods properly. For example, payload for an A350-900 is increased by more than 20 tons.
The bags are part of an overall solution offered from INNOVINT which considers all relevant requirements in acc. with latest EASA publications.
Different variants of Stowage InnoBags and corresponding cargo layouts are available for every commercial passenger A/C to increase the additional payload and volume to the most extend. All necessary parts and materials are available with short lead-time.

PED Containment Bag

  • Lithium-ion fire containment bag
  • Supports EASA SIB No.: 2009-22R1
  • Supports FAA AC 120-80A
  • Supports ICAO Doc 9481 AN/928
  • Helps to protect crewmembers, passengers and cabin environment.
  • Temperature resistance of up to 1.000°C.
  • Robust build-up withstands highly-intensive thermal runaways.
  • Supports safe cool-down of the defective PED.

Innovint upgraded its InnoBag family with a new member: The PED Containment Bag (lithium-ion fire containment bag) is a professional solution to manage incidents caused by thermal runaways of lithium-ion batteries used in Portable Electronic Devices (PED) throughout the aircraft cabin. The PED Containment Bag is made of state-ofthe- art fire resistant materials with a temperature resistance of up to 1.000 degrees Celsius to contain defective devices. Due to its robust build-up the bag is able to withstand highly-intensive thermal runaways and helps to protect the passengers, crewmembers and cabin environment from fire or hazard. In addition, the PED Containment Bag supports a safe transport within the cabin to a fire protected place for a safe cool-down of the defective PED.

InnoBags Extension Belts Bag

  • Allows safe storage of 9 or 12 extension or loop belts per bag.
  • Easy inspection through transparent cover.
  • Bag for 9 belts perfectly fits into A320CAS headrests and hatrack lifeline spacers.
  • On request dimensions can be customized.

Innovint upgraded its InnoBag family with a further member:
The Extension Belts Bag is made from robust fire retardant material and is the best solution to stow extension belts safely in an organized way.

The bag is available in two variants (for 9 or 12 belts) and provides a separate compartment for each belt. The smaller PNR 7261-59 is especially designed to be stored in AIRBUS A320 headrest compartments of cabin attendant seats, hatrack lifeline spacers and several other unused cabin stowage spaces.
It is light weight, easy to stow and has a transparent cover allowing easy inspection of belt quantity inside the bag. The exterior heavy duty zipper with a large pull tab and solid carry handles allow an easy operation.

InnoBags Professional Stowage Bags

The Innovint aircraft professional stowage bags are the best solution to keep your emergency equipment items like life vests, loop belts, demo kits, etc. in a safe and secure organized place in the aircraft cabin or cargo compartments. InnoBag's are made from a robust fire retardant material especially tested under FAR 25.853 (a) and designed according daily crew operational needs.

InnoBags On Board Toolkit Bag

PNR 7261-XX


The Innovint aircraft professional on-board toolkit bags are the best solution to keep your operational aircraft maintenance tooling and safety equipment like pitot covers, static port protection, gear pins, protective tapes, emergency spares, in a safe and secure well organized place in the aircraft cabin or cargo.