Checklist Holders

Checklist holders are made of clear transparent ore colored polycarbonate. The material is in compliance with EASA/FAR 25.853. Due to non-standardization of checklists many variants of holders exist or will be customized.

Multiple Card Holders

  • Card holder
  • Timetable holder
  • Checklist holder
  • Advertisement holder

The multiple card holders are made of clear transparent polycarbonate. The material is in compliance with EASA-CS/FAR 25.853 for flammability, smoke density and toxicity. As timetables cards etc. vary in size the holders can be customized within the shown envelope to meet the individual needs. The baseline comprises: single slot holder, twin holder, and multiple slot holders, allowing adequate presentation of timetables, frequent flyer programs, and advertisement.

Flower Holders

  • Single and twin vase
  • Wood finish
  • Anodizing: clear, lilac, gold, blue, red, green, pale bronze, light-bronze, mezzo bronze, black

The flower holders are part of a new collection of ancillaries issued from the various customization steps to fulfill the airline demand.
All used materials are highly qualitative and responding to the actual global airline market that Innovint Aircraft Interior is servicing worldwide.
The flower vases have a unique design fitting in various cabin compartments and are a great embelishment factor for the passenger environment.
The noble design supported by a discrete wooden pattern or by anodized multiple colors surfaces is the right eye catcher to induce a positive atmosphere.