Cabin interior

ATA CHAPTER 25 20 00 Passenger Compartment
25 20 00 Child Restraint System
In use at over 17 airlines
  • Approved by the German Aviation Authority
  • EASA/FAR chapter 25, 23 as applicable
  • for infants up to one year and toddlers up to six years
  • Easy handling, foldable
In accordance with general transport regulations babies weighting up to 10 kg must be secured facing against the flight direction. Children up to 25 kg are secured facing the flight direction. Fastening is similar to that found in a car by means of a 5-point-harness, within seconds a baby seat can be transformed into a child's seat.
25 20 00 Baby Bassinet
In use at over 120 major airlines
  • High comfort
  • Light-weight 3,5 kg
  • Easy handling, foldable
  • Easy retrofit
  • EASA/FAR 25.853
  • Airbus Industrie and Boeing specifications
  • Approved as E-TSO article
The installation of the Baby Bassinet is very easy. Designed as a "clip-on" unit using two quick release pins which ensure proper locking to the bulkheads, lavatory and galley walls. The installation fittings can be retrofitted without special tools and are available for various wall thickness. When not in use the bassinet can be folded to a minimum size and stored in stowage's or hatracks.
25 20 00 Baby Bassinet Redesigned
Same installation interface as current model
  • Improved handling and operation
  • Positive locking device
  • Advanced stylish textile design
  • Less parts, less maintenance costs
  • Same installation interface
  • Redesigned model covered by E-TSO approval
  • EASA/FAR 25.853
  • Airbus Industrie and Boeing specifications
The redesigned Baby Bassinet is the perfect bed for a baby when you are travelling with the aircraft. Its size makes baby feel secure and comfortable, and it is light and portable enough to carry to any stowage in the aircraft. The Baby Bassinet is easy to fold- unfold, and easily installed at cabin furnishings. The unique handling makes is easy for the daily crew operation.
25 20 00 Passenger Service On-Board Wheelchair
Highest possible comfort
  • Advanced ergonomic design
  • Easy selfexplanatory handling
  • Excellent manoeuvrability
  • Light-weight 12 kg / 25 lbs.
  • EASA/FAR 25.853 flammability requirements
The On-Board Wheelchair 2218-series sets the airliner standard for the transport of disabled passengers. Light-weight design, durability, safety, appereance, and ease of operation for the cabin crew are just some of the highlights of this design.